Beginner Pole Fitness Course

Beginner Pole Fitness Course

Everything you need to start your pole fitness journey! Learn the basics and foundations for pole, gain strength and confidence as you move through the progressions at your own pace. Follow the lessons in order and refer to the instructional videos as needed. Once you are comfortable with everything in this course, you can move on to intermediate! Email me if you have any questions along the way :-)

*Beginner Strength Skills for Pole
*Beginner Climb & Pose Skill Set
*Beginner Pole Fit Series: Lessons 1-8 (Full 1-hour Class: Warm-up/Strength/Routine/Cool-down)
*Instructional Video Library Of Beginner Moves
*PDF Beginner Check-off/Progression Sheet

Plus, TWO BONUS Workouts!
*Body By Pole Workout
*Flexy Diva Workout

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Beginner Pole Fitness Course

35 Videos